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Our team formed by our certified technicians and partners will fill all your needs, whether it's about buying a new computer, repair of a desktop computer or laptop, networking project for your business, ip phones, setting up surveillance cameras, data backup, printed products and many more services.

The Largest Products Line in Granby

Our line of products has become, over years, the largest and the most diversified of our area. It includes :

  • top of the line laptops, tablets, complete or customs computers;
  • laptop or desktop hard drives, external hard drives, classical or SSD;
  • video cards, motherboards, power supplies, system casings;
  • monitors, keyboards, mice, routers, usb sticks, cables;
  • Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office, anti-virus software, accounting software and many more.

Servicing, Sales and Repairs

Tek-Micro informatique is the ultimate reference for servicing, purchasing and computer repairs in Granby.

Tek-Micro Enterprises

Our mission here at Tek-Micro Enterprises, is to reach you, businesses, institutions and professionals directly and in a personalized way. Our approach allows you to enjoy the same quality service already in place here at Tek-Micro Enterprises, but with a personalized monitoring of your needs, the growing market demands and your ability to react in an efficient and effective way.

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Outside With a Good Laptop!

Upon purchase of a laptop, install an SSD drive for only 199.99$ and enjoy the outdoors with confidence!

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With Tek Micro, you get competent, efficient and personalized services!

Client Testimonies:

Excellent service. Work done by experts. Really friendly and professional team! Thank you sincerely!

Caroline Henri

Very satisfied with the service and quality products.

Marc Leclerc

Respectful, they take time to explain. They fixed my problem in 1 hour when the others found nothing!

Kassandra Bolduc