Commercial Products

Buying new computers for your company's IT infrastructure should not be a confusing experience. At Tek Micro, we take the time to talk with you in order to correctly identify your business needs. You get a customized system that has top quality components and often at better prices than what is offered by the big chains stores.

Purchasing and Leasing

The speed at which technology changes can make more than one contractor dizzy. It may sometimes be advantageous to rent one's equipment:

  • Your computer equipment is always new;
  • It's a tax benefit. A rental is an expense, so it can be deducted entirely from your business income;
  • A lease is different from a loan because it has no impact on your credit;
  • You protect your working capital;
  • Although it is subject to approval, an equipment rental agreement is much easier to obtain than any other method of financing.

Rental agreements can cover everything that is hardware equipment. For instance, computers, monitors, etc. Tek Micro also offers other types of hardware like camera systems, IP phones, network equipment, etc. In short, everything that is not software or services can be leased.


Are you self-employed? Tek Micro understands your needs. Commercial products offered by Tek Micro are not limited to big business. Take advantage of professional equipment that meets your requirements!

With Tek Micro, for the same price, you get better quality products!

Network Components

Our network installations are set up by our specialists, who cover technical, wiring, networking, server, software and other aspects, so you get the same high quality standard for all operations.

A technical expert is assigned to you for all your transactions with us. He will be made available to you and focus his efforts on the effectiveness and safety of your data management.

IP Telephony Equipment

A VoIP phone line costs a fraction of the price of traditional phone lines. Vendors offer very competitive long distance plans. It is also interesting to note that with VoIP plans often include just about all options that would be provided at great expense by traditional phone lines. With Tek Micro, you can access the best IP telephony equipment for your business.

Home Automation and Video Surveillance Equipment

CCTV is an important component for some companies. We offer you the ability to set it up and manage it all with our IP DVR systems or installations.

Digitization allows for flexible storage and the system can be managed remotely from any computer, PDA or mobile phone with an Internet connection.