Products for Particulars

Whether you desire a custom built computer to browse internet, for your office or gaming, a laptop or tablet. Personal or professional everything's here. Tek Micro is the largest computer store of the area! You can access high quality hardware with no delays.


Desktop or gamer computer cases, certified quality power supplies, AMD or Intel motherboards, Nvidia or ATI graphic cards, wide range of processors Intel or AMD, RAM memory, hard disk drives or solid state drives, DVD or Bluray burners, SD card readers, network cards, professional sound cards... and more, whatever you need we have it.


Are you looking for accessories? Cables, USB, HMDI, Ethernet all in various lengths and types. Converters, HD webcams, CDs, DVDs, Blurays, office or gaming keyboards and mices, external hard drives and DVD readers, NAS, monitors and projectors, network switches and routers, WIFI USB receivers, headphones or speakers, powerbars, battery backup… well you are looking for something we have it.

For Gamers

Are you a gamer? Tek Micro understands your needs. We provide you with both Intel and AMD processors. We can install cooling systems. A new video card just came out on the market? Tek Micro is probably the only computer store in Granby to keep it in stock. Our technology watch also allows us to give you better advice. For example, to wait a few weeks for the release of a new cheaper and more powerful component, etc.

With Tek Micro, for the same price, you get better quality products!


Various softwares are available in store or on order. Windows operating systems, Microsoft office: Home and students, Home and business or Professional, antivirus software: Kaspersky, Nod32 or Norton, accounting software: Accomba or Avantage, Adobe software and many more...