Services for Particulars

For any question, or for a free evaluation of your needs by our certified technicians, simply come to the store.

Purchase of a new computer

Buying a new computer shouldn’t be confusing, whether you are looking for a custom built pc or a laptop. Here at Tek-Micro, we take the time to speak with you in order to identify your needs.

By doing so you get a custom built system with superior quality components, all this at a price often better than large stores.

Technical Support

Our qualified technicians offer many services: software or hardware diagnostics, format and reinstallation of an operating system, data recovery, antivirus and spyware cleaning etc. Your screen or keyboard is defective? We can replace it for you. We can service most brands on the market. We also perform your software or hardware upgrades. Depending on damages, we can repair some elements on motherboards, phones or tablets such as a broken USB port or power input.

Upgrading your Computer

A computer is a system built from several individual components. If the system becomes slow, it may be advantageous to replace some components instead of replacing the entire computer . For example, the hard drive can be replaced with an SSD drive. We can add more memory, etc. Get your system or laptop evaluated at the store for absolutely free!

With Tek Micro, your computers are in good hands!

Data Recovery

Your hard disk drive just passed away and you did not have any backup? We can recover your data. If needed we can even recover a physically damaged drive, we do Byt-by-Byt recovery in a white room.

Antivirus and Spyware Cleanup

Sometimes a big cleanup is needed on your computer, can’t get rid of all those viruses, spywares, adware and other programs infecting your computer, we can get rid of them.


Whether you want to change the whole operating system or keep the one you currently use, we can format and reinstall your Windows. We also install every updates, your software and up to date drivers.