About Tek Micro

Tek Micro is:

  • a team of certified and graduate technicians;
  • trained and certified employees;
  • official partner: Adobe, Cisco, HP , Intel, Microsoft , Gigabyte , Lenovo, SAP , etc .;
  • your qualified technical support both in store and on-site!

Your Partner in Information Technologies Since 2001

Tek Micro is a company founded in Granby in 2001 as a franchise. In 2010, the store became independent following its purchase by Christian Mathieu. The Tek Micro banner was born. In 2012, management chose to prioritize hiring graduates in order to provide better services to its customers. Today, Tek Micro remains a leader in the Granby area, both for the size and quality of its inventory as for the competence of the services offered.

Superior Quality Products

Tek Micro wishes to provide the best products according to its customers' budget. In big chain stores, computer systems are chain assembled with the cheapest components possible in order to offer products at attractive prices. Unfortunately, back home, you need to install Windows and drivers before you can use it! With Tek Micro, installation with the latest drivers is part of the price. Your system is ready to use! It's turnkey!

With Tek Micro, you get competent, efficient et personalized services!

Competent Services

When you ask questions to employees at the Tek Micro shop, you get clear answers. The employees are friendly and take the time to explain. Since they are trained and certified, you can rely on their expertise! Moreover, they maintain a technology watch and are on the lookout for all new products.

Save time and money! Our employees have developed working protocols to build computer systems very quickly and effectively. The repairs take less time, so they are less expensive.

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